Battery removal and installation for Kuberg Ranger

If you need to replace the battery or remove it, KUBERG highly recommends taking the motorcycle to a certified technician or a KUBERG dealer.

If you choose to remove or replace the battery yourself, please follow the following

instructions carefully:

  1. Ensure the power switch is in OFF position and engage the motorcycle stand.
  2. Use an allen (hex) wrench to loosen and remove the 3 bolts holding the inspection lid.
  3. Note the colors of both battery terminals. When reconnecting, each wire must be connected to the correct terminal - red to red and black to black. Disconnect the two main battery connectors (red and black), one at a time, and the BMS (battery management system) connector (yellow) and the small black connector for the main ON/OFF switch.
  4. Push the remaining positive and negative wires to the front and sides of the motorcycle, so the battery pack can be carefully pulled out.
  5. Using an allen wrench, loosen and remove 2 bolts from the right lower battery holder.
  6. With the same allen wrench loosen the battery pressure pad. This bolt is visible only when the reclining seat is engaged.
  7. Double battery pack version only (skip this step for single battery pack version): Using a #25 Torx wrench unscrew all the 7 bolts that hold the right side panel/battery cover and remove the panel.
  8. With the help of another person gently remove the battery out from the frame. Be extra careful of the wires and connectors and avoid any contact with the frame and other conductive parts.
  9. To install the battery, reverse the procedure above and ensure all connectors are secured and all bolts are tightened properly. For the pressure pad, torque the bolts to 9.5 - 105 Nm (7 - 7.7 ft lbs).
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