Talaria, Sur Ron, Kuberg - Specification Comparison

Talaria, Sur Ron, Kuberg - Specification Comparison

Introducing the Lineup

Electric Dirt bikes have become increasingly popular in the past few years and for a good reason.  These bikes are quiet, light, and powerful.  As an avid dirt bike rider myself, these bikes may not be able to replace every type of riding, but there is definitely a place for these bikes to flourish.

Let me spend some time introducing you to these bikes further.


Sur Ron Bikes:

The Sur-Ron can be broken down to 2 primary bikes.

  • Sur-Ron Light Bee (AKA Sur-Ron X): This is the base model of the electric dirt bike that everyone has come to love.  This bike is easy to ride and is popular for the variety of upgrades you can do to improve the performance and looks of this bike.
    • Sur-Ron X-Bike: This is Lunacycle's branded version of the Sur-Ron Light Bee.  Lunacycle offers upgrades to belt drive, larger battery, and lights.
    • Segway X260: This bike is the Sur-Ron Light Bee with some small color and pricing differences.  The noticeable difference is that this version comes with a Segway App that allows you to control and change all of your riding settings like the amount of power and regenerative breaking.
  • Sur-Ron Light Bee S:  This bike is similar to the Light Bee but smaller, slower, and less range.  This bike has not been as popular as its bigger brother, and therefor is difficult to get ahold of.
    • Segway X160: This is the Sur-Ron Light Bee S and has the same differences that comes with the X260.  Similarly, the Segway App for this bike allows you to control riding settings like power and regenerative breaking.

Talaria Bikes:

  •  Talaria Sting:  This bike is similar to the Sur-Ron in a lot of ways but comes stock with some differences that people tend to appreciate.  This bike comes in heavier than the Sur-Ron Light Bee, but offers bigger battery, taller seat, and slightly more power among other difference.  There tends to be less options to upgrade the Talaria, but this does not matter to some because it comes with noticeable improvements over the Sur Ron.

Kuberg Bikes:

  • FreeRider:  This is Kuberg's primary competition against the Telaria and Sur-Ron.  Although this bike comes in more expensive than those others, it comes with much more power and is a significantly lighter bike.  To reach the same quality of components (brakes, suspension, power, speed, etc.), the Sur Ron and Talaria need significant upgrades that could cost you between $5,000 - $8,000.  The primary disadvantage to the Free Rider is its battery size.  The battery comes in smaller than the competition and because of the power available, you can run out of battery quicker than a similar sized battery on a Sur Ron or Talaria. 
  • Ranger:  This Kuberg Ranger in unlike any of the competition.  It shares the high quality components and power as the FreeRider, but offers a very different riding position that keeps your center of gravity low and allows for a very comfortable but capable ride.  Similarly to the Free Rider, for the Sur Ron or Talaria to compete with this bike would require significant upgrades.  This bike comes in at a similar weight to the Sur-Ron but, unlike the Free Rider, comes with a much bigger battery.

Side by Side Comparison

Now that I have introduces you to the lineup, I find that tables are best way to help potential buyers really decide between the bike available.

Note that everything in the table will be based on stock specification. 

Spec  Kuberg FreeRider Kuberg Ranger Talaria Sting Sur-Ron Light Bee Sur-Ron Light Bee S
Battery Size (equates to range) 30Ah
24Ah & 48Ah
38.4Ah 32Ah 20Ah
Battery Voltage (how fast the battery can turn the motor) 48V 48V 60V 60V 48V
Controller Kw (maximum power output) 8, 12, & 14KW
8, 12, & 14KW
6KW 6KW 4KW?
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