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Streamport: ASE-UN0029

Streamport: ASE-UN0029

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Keep your kids safe with the Streamport adapter, adjust the bike's speed and torque to match your child's skill level, and ensure that the bike is not too fast or powerful for the rider's capabilities. The settings on the Streamport adapter can be password protected. Streamport allows you to shut down your bike for emergency purposes, limit the distance from your smartphone to the Streamport adapter via Wi-Fi, and keep young riders from getting lost or going too far.

Connect the Streamport adapter to Base Control and enable Wi-Fi capabilities. Use the Volt App on your smartphone or tablet to adjust and monitor all of your bike’s functions and features.


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Benefits of Installing Streamport

  • Safety for young riders: Adjust the bike’s speed and torque to match your child’s level of skill. Password protects the settings to prevent your child from changing them.

  • Limit Distance: Limit how far your child can ride by setting a perimeter. Traveling beyond the perimeter will slow the bike to its lowest speed alerting your child that it’s time to turn back.

  • Use Your Phone as a Speedometer: Keep track of your child’s speed and battery life.

  • Monitor Riding Stats: Time your child’s laps to measure and compare their progress. Share their rides, routes, and statistics.

Installation instructions:

Follow the steps below to install the Streamport for Young Rider Bikes: Start, Trail, Cross, Trial Hero, and Cross Hero.

  1. Remove the bolts to the seat and seat panel.
  2. Remove the seat and seat panel (if you need extra workspace, you can also remove the side panel).
  3. Locate the 4-hole connector at the front of the controller.
  4. Plug the Streamport’s 4-prong cord into the connector.
  5. Place the Streamport on top of the controller and secure it in place with the metal bracket. Use the same bolt that holds the controller in place to secure it to the frame.
  6. Extend the antenna wire and attach it underneath the seat panel using the adhesive.
  7. Replace the seat panel and seat and reattach the bolts.

Note: The Young Rider Start bike has a tight space for the adapter. As an alternative, you can set the adapter on the side of the controller rather than on top of it, though you won’t be able to secure it with the metal bracket.

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