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Kuberg ROX 14" With Motor

Kuberg ROX 14" With Motor

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The first carbon-fiber, battery-powered pushbike


The first-ever carbon fibre, battery-powered pushbike

Make your child a Rockstar with the Kuberg Rox. Electrify their imagination, and introduce them to the world of riding. It all starts with a push.


Exclusive features that set

this push bike apart

From first push, to first rev

The Rox grows with your child. It’s a full three years of fun and adventure that’ll build your child’s skills, confidence and imagination. With adjustable foot pedals, and an detachable motor, it’ll take them from novice, to daredevil.

All the power. One button.

It’s easy to stay in control with Kuberg Rox. With just a click of a button, you can switch between five different power modes - and it’s hidden enough that it won’t be spotted and fiddled with by your young rider’s hands.

Neverending fun

The Rox’s battery lasts for up to 5 hours. So whether you’re going for a short trip to the beach, or for a long forest ride - you’ll always have enough power to keep riding!

The first-ever carbon fibre pushbike

There’s no other pushbike made of carbon fibre. Meaning, there’s no other pushbike that’s so lightweight, and that can take such a beating,. It’s child-proof, tired-proof, and proven to thrill.


One brake. Both wheels.

The Kuberg Rox has advanced ABS braking, so your child never struggles with coming to a stop. There’s equal braking power for both wheels - so it’s safe as safe can be.


Discover the process in progress

Swap out. Charge up.

Simple and fast battery swap

Once you’re all out of juice, just swap in a new battery in a click. It’s easy to detach, and attach - and while you’re out enjoying yourself, you can have your reserve battery charging ready for the next adventure.

Portable charging dock

It’s as easy to transport the Rox’s charging dock as it is to transport the Rox itself. The charging dock is lightweight, super-sleek, and just needs access to a household electricity supply.

Lighter than light
Constructed with a carbon fiber chassis, transporting the Kuberg Rox is effortless. Whether that’s by hand, by vehicle, or even with your child in one hand, the bike in the other.

Electric scooter (max. weight) /pushbike (min. weight)

8.8 kg/4.6

Hi-tech Components

Handmade electric powered motor
Our motors are all made by hand in our factory in central Europe, so we can ensure premium quality, usability and durability. Maxing out at 1,000w, with adjustable modes, it’s the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of motorcycles.



Safer than safe brakes

The Kuberg Rox features a state-of-the-art anti-locking brake system, making coming to a halt simple and safe.
One brake, both wheels. No compromise.

Magnetic Killswitch
Your key to the bike, which turns it on or off instantly. If your child takes a small fall, the bike will automatically shut off. You are in ultimate control of your child’s safety.

Detailed specifications

 Wheel-base 12” ver: 64 cm

Width: 58 cm

Length 12” ver: 96 cm

Length 14” ver: 102 cm

Seat height (from ground): 37 cm


 Power mode 1: 2,5 km/h, 200 W

Power mode 2: 5 km/h, 400 W

Power mode 3: 7,5 km/h, 600 W

Power mode 4: 14 km/h, 800 W

Power mode 5 (no speed limiter): 30 km/h, 1 000 W



Frame Kuberg Custom - Carbon Fibre

Kuberg Custom - ECU with AI heatsink


36 V, 6,4 Ah


BLDC motor with internal gear box




Tektro Auriga hydraulic

Break discs

A2Z 2 x 140 mm

Gas handlebars



Kuberg Custom - AI 6082

Tires 12” / 14”

Kenda 12" x 2,4" / Innova 14" x 2,4"

Magnetic Kill Switch



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